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Deliver Quality Education with Less Administration

Automate school management and deliver the quality learning experience for students using Nimble Learning Software. Gain full visibility into students and teachers performance using artificial intelligence and cloud.

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A Complete Solution for Educators

Fully Customisable to Meet your Specific Needs.
Nimble Learning is a features rich cloud-based (SaaS) software that is easy to use.

One Platform for Everyone

Nimble School Software helps teachers, students, parents and management. Nimble standardised education delivery and improve the quality of education for students — power your Institute with Nimble Learning Software for schools and standout.

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Easy Deployment and On-Boarding​

No Payment or Credit Required – 30 Days on Us

Getting started with Nimble School Software is simple and easy, hit the get start button below and start using Nimble Learning within 30 minutes. No need to install any software or hardware you ready to roll in just a few minutes.

Our 24/7 onboarding team is available to offer remote assistance in setting up your application.

Automation to Save Your Time

Every minute saved on administration is minute you can spend on teaching

Nimble School Software offer robust automation and workflows to reduce your administration overhead. Save time from doing manual tasks like creating a weekly lesson plan, student plan, test and exams by automating them using Nimble Learning Software.
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Securely Access from Anywhere at Any Time

A School Software that works on all Devices

Nimble School Software works on all devices including PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone. Nimble provides access to:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Management

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